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Our Products display has changed - go to the full line catalog link for our core products. Specialty areas like green products and microfiber are featured in their own brochures, also linked below.


full line catalog

O’Dell’s most comprehensive and up-to-date product listing is here.  Click the link to download our catalog, which profiles core products such as wet mops, dust mops, brooms and brushes, dusters, microfiber items and handles.

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echoline responsible cleaning

featuring the EchoLine® of environmentally friendly cleaning tools from O’Dell.  Introduced in 2007, our Echo products are made from recycled, sustainable, or renewable components.

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advanced microfiber

quick to become an industry standard, microfiber cleaning tools offer superior longevity, ease of use, and great performance.  The Color Flag™ Coding System helps cleaning staff avoid cross-contamination by color-coding tools.

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textile rental brochure

offerings for textile rental providers include extremely durable dust mops, double-tailband wet mops, and microfiber products, including the EchoFiber® microfiber loop mop, which can withstand +300 launderings.

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